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polkadot Mushroom bar, From functional mushroom supplements to psilocybin-boosted bars, mushroom chocolate is a rapidly growing industry Few foods spark as much passion or popularity as chocolate. Rich, rich and creamy: chocolate has left an indelible mark on human civilization. The same goes for mushrooms as they have amazing healing properties. But what transcendent magic happens when you combine the two to make truffle chocolate? This is the question that creative chocolate connoisseurs and mushroom lovers are now anxious to answer. buy penis envy mushroom

Currently, chocolate truffles are going through a serious phase. Emerging creators lean toward both the legal and illegal sides. For those who want to experiment with mushrooms and aren’t ready for a psychedelic experience, functional or medicinal mushrooms are a nutritious, non-intoxicating alternative. Mushroom hot chocolate is prepared by mixing cocoa or carob with adaptogenic mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail and lion’s mane. These hot, healthy drinks are increasingly popular among people willing to ditch the caffeine jitters in favor of drinks that help reduce stress and improve mental function.Each type of medicinal mushroom has its own therapeutic properties, but they are all believed to be adaptogenic. Adaptogens help the body adapt to physical, chemical or biological stress. Thereby helping the body’s systems return to a state of balance called homeostasis. buddah bear carts

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These powerful plant compounds  also helps the body maintain more efficient metabolic functions and improve mental and physical performance. Magic Mushroom Hot Chocolate Super Adaptogen Blend , for example, combines reishi and lion’s mane to improve immune and brain function, reduce anxiety and reduce inflammation. polkadot Mushroom bar. Additionally, this brand chooses carob to deliver a chocolate flavor instead of cocoa (which contains caffeine).For those looking for a richer chocolate, Buoyant Chocolates offers milk and dark chocolate bars with lion’s mane and cordyceps powder. This functional dessert is said to improve concentration, memory and physical endurance. However, for those looking for a psychedelic chocolate, there is plenty of other options. polkadot Mushroom bar

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